Command Properties


Everything below the details button is on a panel that can be hidden to conserve space. Clicking the button will toggle the panel visibility.

Command Display Name

This is name that will show up in the left hand navigation (Tree or List).


Controls whether or not this command is included in the active voice commands list. Disabled commands will show in the navigation lists with strike-through text.

Voice Trigger

Sets the text that the Speech Recognition system uses to determine how to recognize your command. This can certainly be different than the Name of the command as shown above in the screenshot. But it may also be that your Command Name is "Drink Champagne" and you set your Voice Trigger to "Drink Shampane" to get a better phonetic match.


A command can have many tags separated by comma such as "City, Walking, Navigation" or "Battle, Spells, Healing". The tree navigation pane shows each unique tag and it's commands.

Another feature of tags is that they can be enabled or disabled as a group. If you disable a tag, then all of the commands that have that tag are disabled and will not respond to voice commands. This allows for more complex setups where you may want to create modes such as "Battle" mode and "City" mode. In city mode, you would disable commands that have to do with fighting. And it battle mode you disable the city commands.

This gives you two advantages. First, there are less active phrases for the speech engine to decide between which should reduce any chance of a mis-recognition. And Second, you could have two commands with the same voice trigger. You can have a command for "heal" in battle mode do something completely different than the "heal" in city mode.

Repeat Delay and Cancel Trigger

This is the number of milliseconds to wait before executing the command again. If the value is zero, then the command will execute exactly once. But any other number will cause the command to enter into a repeat loop.

The only way to exit the repeat loop is by receiving the cancel trigger voice command. This is an additional voice command that needs to be unique.

An example of where this might be useful would be games where you can execute a command such as healing your party, but then you have to wait 30 seconds before you can execute the command again. You could setup a command called "Auto Heal" with a repeat delay of 30000 milliseconds, and a cancel trigger of "Cancel Auto Heal". Once you say "Auto Heal", the macro will be executed immediately, and again every 30 seconds until you say "Cancel Auto Heal".


This is just used as a place to put information about what the macro does, and any notes. You may not need this for yourself. But if you share your macro file with someone, they will have a lot easier time understanding what all the commands do if you document well.