Command Creation Guide

To get started creating your own game profile, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that speech is working by clicking the Speech headset icon on the main menu. Follow your operating system instructions to setup and confirm speech recognition functionality.

2. Click "Add" on the main menu to add a new command to your profile.

3. Use the Command Properties area to fill the details for this command.

Use these values (you won't see the repeat and description fields unless you click the Details button - but you don't need them for this guide anyway):

Command Display Name: Mute

Voice Trigger: Mute Volume

Tags: System, Media

Enabled: Checked

Leave everything else default.

4. Use the Action Bar to add a new Input Action by clicking the Keyboard icon.

5. Click the Pencil icon to bring up the Keyboard Script Builder.

6. Use the Special Keys selection list at the bottom of the form to select "Volume Mute" from the list. Then click the Ok button to close the builder.

7. Verify your command. It should look similar to this.

8. Test your command using the Play button. You should see your computer volume icon changing to show that the sound is muted.

9. Test your command using speech recognition by clicking the Listen button, and then saying "Mute volume" into the microphone.

That's it. You just made your first VoiceWarrior command!