Getting Started

Welcome to VoiceWarrior, a voice macro application for Microsoft Windows.

VoiceWarrior allows you to perform actions when you speak phrases. You control what the phrases are, and what they do.

Get started by following this Command Creation Guide, and don't forget to check out some of the Examples, such as this one for Minecraft.

Quick Overview


Quick Menu Bar: New, Open, Save actions for command file.


Add and Delete: Actions for adding a new command and removing the current command.


General Settings: Access system level settings for VoiceWarrior from this menu.


Command List: Lists all the commands in this profile.


Command Properties: Use this area to set the Name, Voice Trigger, and Tags for each command.


Action Bar: Use this area to add actions to a command. Select a category to see the available actions.


Action Bar Commands: Move Up, Move Down, Delete and Play (Test).


Actions: When a category is selected, the available actions will display here. Hover over each icon to see the name.


System Actions: Actions stored in the "VoiceWarrior.vcm" are global and always loaded. They appear in blue, so that you can tell that they are global. The "Go Home" command is not blue, and is not global.


Action List: This area shows all of the actions for the current command.


Command List Sort Selector: You can sort by tags to see a tree display. You can also sort by either Name or Voice Trigger to sort by those fields in a list.


Tags: When you sort by tag mode, commands can show under multiple tags.


Details Button: Clicking this will expand the additional properties of the current command.


Auto Repeat: This command will repeat at an interval of the specified milliseconds until cancelled.


Cancel Trigger: The voice command that will cancel the auto repeat sequence.