Category: Input


The Keyboard action sends keyboard commands to the active window one at a time with the specified Key Delay between each key press. Generally, the active window is not expected to be VoiceWarrior, but the window of an application you are trying to control with VoiceWarrior.

Most alphanumeric characters can just be typed, but some some special keys and symbols are represented inside curly braces - "{" and "}".

You can click the Pencil button to open a Key Script Builder Screen which will help you build key scripts with special characters. Clicking the buttons on this screen will insert the correct code for the key into the key script.

There are also special function keys that aren't necessarily keys on every keyboard such as "Media Play/Pause". These can be accessed via the section list at the bottom of the builder screen. Take note, depending on your operating system and keyboard settings, some keys in this list may not work for you.